!! Information on current situation (Update May 25, 2020) !!

Important news for international applicants: see below

Dear current and future students,

because of the current situation, we have to cancel our open consultation hours and telephone service until further notice.
You can send your requests to our e-mail address .
Please note that delays may occur.
We ask you not to send multiple e-mails concerning the same topic to us or other FAU institutions.

Update May 25, 2020: Instead of the usual Master Welcome Event, there was an online Zoom meeting.
For the presentation and further information, please visit this link.

Please also check the following website: (for English version, click the button in the upper right corner).

To all international students (prospective and accepted):

Please do not try to come to Germany at the moment!
The borders are closed, foreign flight passengers are sent back.

Please consider to shift the start of your studies to winter term 2020/21.

Update May 25, 2020: If you want to start in Winter 2020/21:
Please note that a simple online application is not possible! We need the paper version of the documents! The deadline is July 15, 2020.

If you already have an admission letter for Summer 2020:
For administrational reasons, you have to re-apply for the Medical Engineering program via Campo (from about May 25th on) and send all your documents again.

But if you add the current admission letter, you will quickly get a new one.

We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Best regards.

Felix Schmutterer and Tino Haderlein