Impressions from the MedTech summer party 2024!

Photography: Alessia SedlmayerOn June 4, the FSI Medical Engineering held its annual summer party, a highlight for all Medical Engineering students! It started at 2 p.m. with music, sunshine and a good mood. The grills were already lit on the „Roter Platz“ of the Faculty of Engineering and stomachs were filled with (vegan) hot dogs and cold drinks. In addition to many conversations in a relaxed atmosphere, games such as “Rage Cage” provided entertainment. The day thus offered a perfect opportunity to leave everyday student life behind, make new friends and celebrate together. Photography: Alessia Sedlmayer

Anyone who wants to join next year is very welcome! Follow the FSI Medical Engineering on Instagram (@medtechklaus) or keep an eye on their website ( so you don’t miss out on other great events such as the MedTech Dinner or the MedTech parties. If you would like to get involved and help organize the next events, you are welcome to come along to the next FSI meeting (dates on the FSI website).