Exams & Semester dates

Here you can find current information on upcoming examination periods and semester dates:

To find more about important semester dates, please click here.

The following list shows the expected dates for the examination period of the winter semester 2018/2019. Please note that the dates mentioned on the list are provisional, can change if necessary, and therefore are not legally binding. The purpose of the list is for information only. Further information contained in the list can change up to the exam registration. The definitive information is the one that you can find in my campus during exam registration. The time and room of the examination will be announced at short notice via my campus for the optimal use of room capacity. Please note that dates for oral exams are not pubished in this list but annouced individually by your examiner.


  1. You may withdraw from an examination which you are taking for the first time up two three working days (Monday–Friday, excluding public holidays) before the examination date. You can withdraw from examinations via the Mein Campus portal. Your registration for the examination is cancelled on withdrawal and you must re-register for the examination in the new semester (see section 10 (3) ABMPO). You can withdraw from resit examinations only if you have legitimate reasons, see section 2 for more information. Please also note the deadlines for taking preliminary examinations (GOP).
  2. In addition, you can withdraw before every examination after the three-day deadline has passed if you have a legitimate reason. These reasons include illness, which must be confirmed by submitting a doctor’s certificate and the relevant form (“Notification of illness”) to the Examination Office (see section 10 (4) (4) ABMPO).
    Candidates may also withdraw before examinations in justified exceptional circumstances. If on the day of the examination you cannot attend an examination or an unable to sit an examination for reasons out of your control (e.g. traffic , accident or disruption to public transport), you must report this immediately to the Examination Office, otherwise the examination will be graded as unsatisfactory (see section 10 (4) (2) ABMPO). The reasons for withdrawal must be explained credibly in writing to the Examination Office (with supporting documents etc.).
  3. If you fall ill during an examination, you may leave the examination. In this case, you must visit an official FAU medical examiner without delay (see section 10 (4) (5) ABMPO). You can find an information sheet and a list of official FAU medical examiners here.

Important: if you complete the examination as normal, you confirm that you are in good health and are able to sit the examination – you cannot submit an application for special consideration retrospectively (even with medical certificates).

Students with a disability or chronic illness can ask for disadvantage compensation for examinations (for example, longer time for the exam or authorization of aids). This applies to all physical and mental impairments lasting at least 6 months, as well as to illnesses that require at least one medical treatment per quarter over the course of one year. Disadvantage compensation does not require a disability card. Furthermore, it does not appear in the certificate documents. Your contact person for filing a petition for disadvantage compensation is Dr. Jürgen Gündel. For further information, please click here.