Seminar Medical Engineering

In the Seminar Medical Engineering you will present and analyse a subject of the Medical Engineering field, which is possible to conduct in many seminars offered by the Faculty of Engineering. You can find a selection in the seminar catalogue. You may choose any seminar listed in the catalogue without having to consult your professor or study advisor. Seminars marked with an orange background are taught in English.

The seminar Medical Engineering of the Master degree programme is a graded achievement.

If you want to visit a seminar not listed in the catalogue, please check if you will receive 2,5 ECTS or 5 ECTS credits respectively and a grade for completion and ask your professor if you may work on a Medical Engineering subject for the seminar. Afterwards contact your study advisor. Only then you will receive a confirmation allowing you to incorporate the achievements of the seminar in your studies.

⇒ to see the current seminar catalogue, click here.

If you intend to work on an extensive project (after consulting your professor) exceeding the required workload for the module you can to use the additional ECTS from this project for the module group Academic Laboratory or Flexible Budget. For this, your professor must issue a second certificate including the title of the seminar and the note “Zusatzleistung” (additional achievement).

Taking the same seminar module twice:

You are only allowed to take the same seminar Medical Engineering twice (e.g. for “Free Choice Uni”/”Flexible Budget”) after previous consultation with and the agreement of your lecturer. The decision whether the contents of the seminar are different enough so that it makes sense to take it a second time has to be made by the person who is responsible for the module. You cannot generally assume that is it sufficient to work on a presentation for a different topic.

In any case your paper certificates (“Scheine”) have to mention your presentation topic so that the examinations office can verify that you took two separate seminar modules.