Thesis Paper

For the Master Theses the following applies:

The topic is issued by a fulltime university teacher of the School of Engineering who is participating in the classes and lectures offered in the Medical Engineering studies (Bachelor or Master) (consult the lists of departments involved in the Study Guide Medical Engineering).

The thesis paper is supervised by the issuing university teacher involved in the Medical Engineering program (or one of his employees) and additionally by a medical supervisor (staff member of the university hospital or a similar institution, i.e. member of a different clinic/radiology centre or a licensed physician, in any cases the supervisor must hold an academic title). Please discuss with your medical supervisor early on to which degree he/she wants to be involved in the process of your work – whether you should report on your thesis regularly or whether he/she will only read your final paper.

You must register for the thesis paper at the Examinations Office through your supervising department using the Registration form for thesis papers (English Master’s thesis registration form (=English reading help – NOT to be filled out!). You submit a copy of the form at the Examination Office and keep the original as it is needed for the final registration (see below).

The time required to complete the final thesis paper is predetermined. For every ECTS point you will need about 30 hours.

For the Master´s thesis you will receive a period of six months for completion, i.e. the last semester should be entirely devoted to your Master´s thesis.

Thesis Type Overall extent in ECTS Overall extent in hours deadline
Master’s thesis



6 months

The thesis paper will be submitted at the supervising department und the grade registered at the Examinations Office within four weeks using the bottom section of the Registration form for thesis papers (see above).

In many cases potential thesis subjects are advertised on the departments´ webpages or noticeboards. If you are interested in inadvertised subjects you can contact the department directly and inquire if it is possible to work on a subject of the Medical Engineering field.

Start early! In the Master´s programme it is recommended to search for possible topics one year before beginning your thesis paper. However, you can only register for your thesis if you have cleared all conditional subjects and have acquired at least 75 ECTS points.

In general it is allowed to write a final thesis paper in cooperation with a business or a research institution, provided that the academic supervisor from the Medical Engineering programme agrees. The above mentioned regulations also apply in this case. For more information please consult the Information pamphlet for issuance and procedure of “external” Bachelor and Master Theses and dissertations. Your best chance to pursue a thesis project in cooperation with an industry partner is to inquire at a chair which cooperations with companies already exist there. The other way round, i.e. finding a project with an external partner und then looking for a chair to supervise it is hardly ever successful. It is the student´s responsibility to coordinate and communicate the topic and the requirements between the issuing university teacher and the external partner. There is no guarantee that a research topic provided by a company can be accepted and supervised at FAU. Please do not sign any contracts with a company regarding a potential thesis paper before having a supervisor at FAU!