Study Abroad

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Quelle: Pixabay

First orientation

You are interested in studying abroad but are not sure when, where or how? In any cases you should start planning early (ideally a year in advance). To receive an introduction you can visit an information event of the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA). An overview of all information events offered this semester (in German language!) can be found here.

You can spend a maximum of 12 months abroad once in your Master´s program. Generally, there must exist a cooperation agreement between a department of your home university and the host university.

We generally recommend applying for a leave from studies/”Urlaubssemester” at the Student Records Office for the duration of your stay abroad, as it doesn’t count as a regular study semester at FAU but as a “zero semester”. While students are generally not allowed to take exams at FAU during a leave from studies (exception: mandatory repeat exams!), they are allowed to render academic achievements abroad that can be accredited for their studies at FAU after their return. Please note the regulations for accreditation of academic achievements. If the semester periods of your university abroad differ from the ones at FAU and you miss exam deadlines, you have the possibility to catch up on them during the study leave once you return from abroad. For further information, please contact your study advisor!

If you want to take a look at the possible destinations for your studies abroad, check out the new Mobility-Online portal. This tool allows you to view a map of the world and customize your search according to your preferences.

ERASMUS+ is part of the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union and offers scholarships for student mobility between the participating universities in Europe and some other, Non-European countries. The Erasmus+ cooperation agreements are supervised at FAU by the program representative of a department or study program. You must therefore apply with the respective Erasmus+ representative who is responsible for the host university of your choice. You can find the Erasmus+ cooperations of the Medical Engineering program and further information regarding the application for the Medical Engineering partner universities below. Please note that the application procedure and deadlines for the cooperations of other departments can differ! Please contact the respective Erasmus+ coordinator for further information.

Erasmus+ Program Representative for Medical Engineering

Claudia Barnickel M.A.

Martensstr. 3.; room 02.158

91058 Erlangen

09131/85 67337

The Erasmus cooperations for Medical Engineering are still in progress. At the moment an exchange is possible at the following universities:

The application deadline is the 15th of January for the winter semester of the current year and the summer of the following year! If there remain unassigned slots, students can apply for the summer semester of the following year until 1st of October. Exchange slots assigned in the second round do not necessarily come with a scholarship, so the official deadline in January is preferable!

If you do not have a certificate for the required language skills, please contact our Language Center. The earlier you get in touch with them, the higher are your chances to get your language certificate in time.

The Study Service Center for Medical Engineering collects all incoming complete applications until the application deadline. After the deadline, all applications which meet the language and subject-specifc requirements, participate in an unbiased random selection (lot drawing).

Medical Engineering students can also participate in the Erasmus+ exchange programs of the departments involved in the study programme (Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences and Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering depending on your branch of study). You can find an overview of all cooperating departments and their contacts here.

Please take note that the application deadlines of the other departments can differ from those of Medical Engineering!

You can also apply for the exchange programs managed by the Faculty of Engineering. Please contact the International Office of the Faculty of Engineering for a first consultation regarding these options.

If you are interested in internships abroad (industrial internship, research internship, practical part of your thesis paper – after consultation with your responsible academic supervisor at FAU) you can also seek financial and administrative support at FAU’s Central International Office, please find more information here: FAU – going abroad

If you want to study at a university that is not a cooperation partner of FAU you can also study abroad as a so-calles freemover. Please find further information here.


Preparation and studying abroad:

  • Research the websites of the host university to decide on your preferred country and city. Inform yourself especially on the lecture offer of the host university.
  • Contact the  respective program representative at FAU and submit all required documents.  For applicants for cooperations of the Medical Engineering program: Please send your application per email to, including your CV, all required language certificates, current transcript of records from Mein Campus and a one page motivation description (all in German or English).
  • Only for the Erasmus+ program: After successful nomination by the program representative, you will be contacted by FAU’s Central Office for International Affairs (RIA)  and receive further information on formalities concerning the Erasmus+ scholarship you are entitled to (an additional application is not needed) and the organization of your stay abroad. This includes filling in an Online Learning Agreement via the online portal OLA ( Please find a video tutorial on how to create the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement via OLA here:  OLA -YouTube.  The Erasmus code of FAU is D ERLANGE01. If you are using an exchange offer by our Medical Engineering program your “subject area code ” is Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Technology. If you are using the exchange offers of our Departments of Computer Science or Electrical Engineering please ask the responsible Erasmus coordinator for the correct “subject area code”. Important: Do not confuse the Online Erasmus Learning Agreement with the seperate Learning Agreement for accreditation in your Medical Engineering program (see below). ATTENTION: The online platform OLA will be replaced by the new DLA (Digital Learning Agreement) via the Mobility online platform by WS 22/23. 
  • You will receive information on registering (process, deadlines) at your host university from FAU’s Central International Office. Please make sure that you register at the host university in due time!
  • Please ask your contacts at host university about housing options. It may be necessary to apply for a dorm room early on.

  • Please consult your accreditation representative (Claudia Barnickel) as soon as possible, but no later than 6 weeks before departing to create the Learning Agreement for the concrete accreditation of academic achievements in the Medical Engineering program (not the ERASMUS Learning Agreement!). Please fill out this excel sheet with the required information (see examples) and forward it to General information on the accreditation of academic achievements can be found here. The more detailed your description of the foreign lecture is, the higher the chance of accreditation!
  • Your accreditation representative uses your excel sheet as the basis to communicate with the module´s responsible professor and determine whether the achievement from the foreign university can be accredited. Be prepared to potentially provide additional information or documents on the lecture from your host university if required.
  • The module´s responsible professor decides on the accreditation possibility. If  they reject the accreditation, the accreditation representative will receive an explanation for the decision.
  • The accreditation representative issues a Learning Agreement for the accreditation of academic achievements. All achievements that were granted an accreditation are included; for Non-European host universities a conversion into the ECTS credit system is made.
  • The accreditation representative will send the completed Learning Agreement to the student and simultaneously archive the document at the Study Service Center. This serves as a guarantee for students that their achievement is accredited after their retun.

  • During your stay you can direct study related inquiries to your program representative and organizational inquiries to the Central International Office.
  • For questions concerning the accreditation (e.g. changing the Learning Agreement for the accreditation of academic achievements), please contact your accreditation representative!

  • After your stay, please complete the form for accreditation and submit it -including your transcript of records from your host university- to the accreditation representative. At this point, you still have the possibility to apply for the accreditation of achievements not mentioned in the Learning Agreement.
  • The accreditation representative conducts the accreditation. The credits and grades will be transferred into the German system.
  • The accreditation documents are sent to the Examinations Office and registered in Mein Campus.
  • We are excited to receive your feedback and your report!