Student Association Medical Engineering

Our FSI represents the interests of the MedTech students.

Meaning if you have questions about your studies, exams, internships or else, you can come to us! We are your direct contact regarding these type of questions. As we are a motley crew of Medical Engineering Students from different semesters, we have already faced the majority of the difficulties (mostly formalities) ourselves. We will try to help you out and if our tips are not sufficient to solve your problem, then we can provide you with a suitable contact.

Of course we are not only just here to help you, but are also willing to answer your questions ourselves and find a solution together. We are a part of the Student Associations for the School of Engineering and the University, as well. Therefore we have representatives in institutions that directly handle important issues regarding your studies, e.g. the Study Commission and Tuition Fee Commission.

We are also taking part in the University Student Elections. If you are interested in supporting the Medical Engineering students, being involved in the School of Engineering and University business or have any ideas to improve our studies, just stop by and join us!

Last but not least, we would like to address a subject that is very dear to us: We have made it our responsibility to spice up the university life of the MedTech students and to make sure that you do not miss out on fun! That is why we organize parties on a regular basis and give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a more relaxed atmosphere than your lecture hall and to meet students from higher semesters. If you are an organizational pro or are just interested in throwing a big party then you know where you can find us. We also invite our professors and chair employees to our parties, which leads to interesting conversations not always revolving around studies and university.

FSI-MedTech, Blue Computer Science Tower, first floor (room: 01.150-113)

Our FSI room is a good place to go if you have any problems. The room is on the first floor of the Computer Science building (blue tower). After using the stairs you take a left and then an immediate left, walk to the end of the hallway and our room is the last one to the right.

There are official consultation hours in which somebody will definitely be there to answer your questions, details can be found on our website. Of course you can stop by outside of our official hours, as you will often find somebody hanging out there, enjoying a beer or ordering pizza. Just stop by and visit us!

If you´re unable to stop by in person (due to stress or laziness), just send us an email.



Phone: 09131/85-27948

Of course you can find us on Facebook! We post information, reminders and events on a regular basis. After our FSI meetings we post a short summary so you can stay up to date.

The FSI has a public forum which can only be accessed in read mode as most questions are discussed via Facebook or email. But you can look up discussions of past subjects in our archive, maybe you can find a solution to your problem there. If you have questions concerning Programming tutorial exercises, we would like to recommend the Computer Scientist´s forum, you can find many similar tutorials and their solutions, but you can still post your question and wait for a response.

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