General Study Information Master’s program

Structure of the Master’s Programme: Flexible schedules

In our Master degree programme of Medical Engineering, students have the possibility to design their studies based upon their interests. Apart from very few mandatory modules (potential conditional subjects and mandatory electives, which are marked with footnotes in your course catalog) there is no dictated schedule. The study plan template only informs you how many ECTS credit points you must achieve in each module group during your studies (please find more information in the section for the examination regulation/FPO which applies to you).

You arrange an individual schedule each semester yourself by selecting modules of your catalog and attending the corresponding classes. Please read the catalog for your examination regulation (FPO), which can be found in the left hand section of this page, thoroughly, especially the footnotes! If you have any questions concerning your study plan, feel free to contact your study advisor!

Information on Online Platforms and other Material

    • UnivIS: information about lectures and modules, creating your class schedule (introduction)
    • MeinCampus: managing course achievements and grades (introduction)
    • StudOn: sharing course materials/e-learning (introduction)
    • VHB: Virtual University Bavaria (introduction)
      Please note that online courses from VHB can only be accredited for your Medical Engineering degree if they are graded and  if the grade is received via an on-site exam or an online exam with identity control (= ID check and video transmission during the exam) or written work such as essay etc. Online exams without identity control and supervision will not be accepted!
    • How to print in the computer rooms (CIP Pools)