According to which examination regulation (FPO) do I study?

According to which examination regulation (FPO) do I study?

The legal ground of every study program in Germany is its study/examination regulation (in German “Fachprüfungsordnung”, in short “FPO”). It contains all the rules that apply specifically to your study program and complements the general rules that apply for all programs at the Faculty of Engineering (see below).

The bachelor’s program in medical engineering was established in 2009, the (international) master’s program followed in 2011. The experiences of the first years have led into structural changes of the degree program. These changes were adopted in a first updated version in February 2013 (FPO 2013), another update in October 2018 (FPO 2018), and since October 2019 there is another new examination regulation (FPO 2019).

You study according to the version of the examination regulation version that applied in the moment that you started the first semester of your Master’s studies. Therefore, we distinguish between the FPO versions 2011, 2013, 2018, and 2019 on these pages.

Beginning of studies Master’s studies
until 31st of March, 2013
FPO version 2011
from 1st of Apr., 2013, until 30th of Sept., 2018 FPO version 2013
from 1st of Oct., 2018, until 30th of Sept., 2019
FPO version 2018
from 1st of Oct., 2019, on FPO version 2019


Examination regulations (FPO) for the Medical Engineering program and the general regulations for study programs at the Faculty of Engineering: