Incoming Exchange Students

Source: ZiMT


If you are planning to come to Erlangen as part of an international exchange, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg has a lot to offer you. Our medical engineering programm offers a wide range of courses in English.

For the application as exchange student, a German language certificate is in general not necessary for ERASMUS exchange students if you have comparable English language certificates and want to choose English modules. If you like taking your entire degree here, you need a German language certificate for most study programmes. For studying as an exchange student at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, you have to apply at the Central Office for International Affairs of our university. For more information, please have a look at here.

For a list of the courses offered in English, see the module catalogues in the section for the current students.

Lecture periods: see here (exams take place after the lecture period)

Examination periods at the Faculty of Engineering are always the two weeks following the lecture period and the three weeks preceding the next lecture period.

If you have any further questions about studying as an exchange student in our Medical Engineering program, please contact our Study Advisory Service.