Stuve: New working group for international students announced

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Valentin Olpp

Stuve, our students’ representative council, has founded a working group for international students. This group (Ref Int) aims at identifying and solving issues international students face at our university. By focusing on this target group, they want to achieve a better and more diverse representation of international students within the student representation and at FAU.

About Stuve

As a students’ representative council, Stuve takes care of issues concerning university studies, whether they are of structural or interpersonal nature. This includes sharing information regarding whom a student can contact to help deal with certificates, compensation for disadvantages or semesters abroad, but also lending a hand in order to clear up a misunderstanding between a student and a lecturer.

Stuve wants to improve the university settings, which is why peer feedback and new ideas are always welcome! If you would like to get involved in a certain subject area, then you can become a member of Stuve – it is free of charge and you can become a member already only by being matriculated at FAU.