Qualification Assessment (QFV)

The procedure for qualification assessment is regulated in the General Examination Regulations for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the School of Engineering of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in section 29 and Appendix 1, as well as in the Degree Programme and Examination Regulations for the Master’s Degree Programme Medical Engineering at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in section 42. These examination regulations can be found here.

A short description of the process:

Every application that is submitted on time and with all required documents are subject of a two phased procedure for qualification assessment.

In the first phase your application documents are examined:

How are the grades? Did the person achieve a final grade of 2.5 or or better (according to the German grading system)?
Is the Bachelor degree discipline-specific, discipline-related or not equivalent? A discipline-specific degree with a final grade of 2.5 or better facilitates a direct admission. Applicants with a non-equivalent degree are rejected.

In the second phase applicants whith a discipline-related degree and/or a final grade worse than 2.5 will attend an oral/Skype admission examination in which the following criteria will be tested:

  • competent knowledge of the basics of the subject (mathematics, physics, algorithms),
  • secure knowledge of a field of specialisation in medical image and data processing, medical electronics or medical device engineering, production technology and prosthetics corresponding to an eligible specialisation in the Master’s degree programme,
  • motivation for the Master´s programme, which constitutes in a description of a relevant discipline-related project, knowledge of discipline-specific publications or a statement explaining your interest in a certain branch of study from the Master´s programme,
  • a positive prognosis based on improving progress during their course of study.

If you are invited to an interview you will be informed about it in detail at least 7 days in advance.

The admission can also be granted under certain conditions:

If your Bachelor degree is not entirely equivalent, you may have to complete certain classes with a workload of up to 20 ECTS points within a year in order to continue your studies.

If your Bachelor certificate has not yet been issued at the time of your application, you must hand it in at the Student Records Office at enrollment.